6 secrets pour retenir les meilleurs talents

La majorité des employeurs diront qu’ils arrivent à retenir les meilleurs talents. Mais… la réalité est bien différente! Et s’ils arrivent à les retenir, il est quand même toujours possible de s’améliorer. La réussite d’une entreprise s’appuie sur le talent de ses employés ainsi que sur sa capacité à optimiser la force d’un groupe vers le dépassement. Néanmoins, les meilleurs

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Pourquoi on aime l’Entrevue Comportementale (et vous devriez aussi!)

Ah! L’entrevue comportementale, comme elle est merveilleuse! Au fil des années, elle a reçu de plus en plus de louanges et d’attention, et aujourd’hui, elle fait partie des processus d’entrevues d’une façon ou d’une autre. Mais, qu’est-ce qui la rend aussi merveilleuse à nos yeux? Commençons par une brève définition pour partir du bon pied avant de nous pencher sur

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Are you ready to take on an Agile Culture?

While the term “Agile” might sound broken-record-like because of its overuse, it definitely shouldn’t be just a buzzword. Promoting an Agile culture within an organisation can help you complete projects faster, and more efficiently… but only if you do it right! A culture based on agility means being more flexible and adaptable, allowing for self-organizing teams, having a high level

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6 Reasons why you shouldn’t ignore Employee Assessments

Employee assessments are all the rage; whether it’s assessing employee engagement via a survey or assessing performance at the annual review, it sure seems like we can’t get enough of evaluating our employees. But have you ever thought of assessing personality and potential with psychometric tests? It definitely should be top of mind when it comes to employee assessments, because

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Leadership style: Which one do you need in your business?

When researching leadership style models, it can get quite confusing as to which ones to apply. Leadership models may vary in the names they use to describe each of their styles and in the quantity of styles they offer, and this can get quite baffling. A more directive leader may be labeled a certain way depending on the theory you

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Team Building: it might be more important than you think

Employee engagement, team spirit, company culture… Familiar with these terms? If not, you’ve fallen on the wrong blog – but I still encourage you to read it, of course!Nowadays, building a strong bond between your workforce’s team members is more important than ever. You have probably heard the saying that goes something like “we spend more time at work than

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6 traits of a horrible business mentor

Business mentors can be an amazingly beautiful thing. Having someone tell you the ABC’s and 1-2-3’s of how to become who you want to be is one of best things that can happen to you. Whether you’re fresh out of school, starting out in a new industry, taking on a new challenge, or even starting your own business, no one

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Why you THINK you hate your boss

Work can already be stressful and demanding, but throw in a boss you hate into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a little problem. The reason you think you hate your boss or why others hate their bosses is not always what you think. Sure the micromanager, authoritative, insensitive or incompetent bosses are popular motives, but there are other not-so-obvious

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