We know that HR solutions exist in spades out there… especially those that claim to be “#1”! We aren’t going to go down that road, but we do believe we are the best solution for YOU.

Employee Compatibility Assessment

Effective collaboration is within your reach

Highlights characteristics that demonstrate individuals’ ability to work harmoniously with one another, as well as identify areas which may require caution and vigilance due to incompatibilities in personality traits.

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Employee Fit Assessment

Measure how well your workforce actually “fits”

Includes success indicators for benchmarked positions that allow you to clearly compare an individual’s profile to that of a pre-established standard. This assessment may also be customized for specific key success factors and organizational fit.

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Interview Guides

Better interviews. Better hires. Lower turnover. Need we say more?

Generate behavioral-based interview questions that consider a candidate’s psychometric profiles to ensure that you are selecting the best candidate.

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Sales Skills and Behaviors Assessment

Increase your sales. Hire the best. Period.

Relies on one’s personality traits to identify innate, sales-specific behaviours such as listening, probing, adaptability, and ability to close a sale. The type of representative the candidate will most likely be, as well as their global sales style are also demonstrated.

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Management Style Assessment

Do you have the right management style?

Demonstrates the candidate’s inclination towards different managerial styles, and allows the user to determine their level of fit to the job in question, as well as to the team they will be managing.

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Team Profiles

Learn what a team’s overall personality looks like.

Generates a single grid that presents the profiles and dimensions of the team’s members, allowing you to clearly identify dominant traits, general strengths, and possible areas for improvement of the team in question.

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