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The Hope Center for Rehabilitation, nestled in the South Florida Tropics, is the premiere treatment center for drug and alcohol dependency in the Palm Beaches.

The first step of the journey into recovery is recognizing that you or someone you love is in need of professional help.

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After several months or years of consistent and solid recovery, you may find that you are becoming somewhat tired of the same old routine, regardless of how well it has served you. Attending the same meetings every week may increase the monotony of a steady job and balanced routine. As addicts and alcoholics, maintaining a..

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It seems as if the term “codependent” is thrown around quite loosely within the majority of recovery communities. The term has almost gained a somewhat slang definition, referring to someone who spends too much time with someone else or who does a favor for a friend. Very few truly understand the gravity of codependency, an…

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Committing to recovery is potentially one of the most terrifying actions an addict or alcoholic will ever take. In attending an inpatient drug rehab and pledging to a professionally formulated aftercare program, you are essentially promising yourself and those that love you that you will completely change your life permanently and for the better. As…

Rooted in the belief that each resident can reach sustained recovery through individ-ualized attention and a 360° post-treatment plan of action, The Hope Center prides itself on offering an intimate setting for rehabilitation, tailored for each of our client’s needs. Through a strong treatment program based on the classic Florida Model, we foster education, recovery, self-actualization, and the gift of HOPE.

The Hope Center has pioneered the field of Vocational Rehabilitation, which employs methods of counseling, professional guidance and hands-on activities to help residents formu-late a plan of action for building a life after treatment while maintaining their foundation in recovery.

It is our mission at The Hope Center to allow people with the disease of addiction to tap into the potential that exists, however deep, to provide therapy and unlock skill sets to challenge addictive thinking, feeling, and behavior, and ultimately learn how to live a healthy and successful life in recovery.

Our team of admissions counselors are available to handle all conversations or emails with the utmost care, respect and privacy. They will walk you through the process of what becoming a client of The Hope Center entails and explain the features and the benefits of our exclusive, multi-dimensional programming. They can answer your questions about insurance coverage and, if applicable, check your insurance benefits to see what amount your insurance plan might pay towards treatment.

How Are We Different?

At The Hope Center for Rehabilitation, we believe that the physiological, behavioral, and cognitive issues that accompany addiction can be treated. Despite the damage that the substances have done to one’s brain, specifically the neurotransmitters which “transmit” information, those destructive, ingrained thought processes can be altered with cognitive – behavioral therapy


Did you know insurance plans
may cover up to 100% of
treatment costs.

A Little About What It Is We Do

We offer a Treatment Program that allows for our clients to live in society while simultaneously learning how to successfully function in that society.

First and foremost, we promote complete abstinence from all mood and mind altering substances. We encourage each client to actively participate in the psych education, group therapy, vocational therapy and individual therapy we offer in order to begin changing thought processes to healthier, safer patterns.

Insurance Verification

At the Hope Center for Rehabilitation, we work with each and every prospective patient to provide access to treatment that is both high quality and affordable.

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