Tamecca’s Story
This entire journey started years ago when pleasing people and neglecting myself was all I knew. I thought by doing so, it meant the people I gave so much to would love me more and give back to me what I’d put into them. I was very wrong and I suffered greatly. I didn’t understand that self-preservation was key to my survival.  All I wanted was to be healthy, happy, be loved and well-cared for. But it rarely happened consistently or significantly enough to make a positive impact.

Then one day, a tilt-shift occurred and I fell off the spiral of self pity and despair and began to say “No” when “No” was necessary and only saying “Yes” when I truly wanted say “Yes”.  I got rid of those who added no value to my life or sabotaged me or showed that my best interest wasn’t in their plans.

As I began to change my life, I decided to write about my experiences along the way in order to reflect as life got better. On this incredible journey, I learned what my purpose on Earth was and it had been my passion all along. Following my passion for helping people live and love better, I found that my true purpose was to be a guide to heal people and their relationships.

This could only happen by teaching others what I had learned how to do. Every chance I got, I wrote and spoke and gave advice on the area which people wanted the most in life:  Good Love in relationships and optimal health. As people enter the last stages of their lives, they have been quoted as saying they wished they had loved more and taken better care of themselves. Thus helping others to create good relationships and optimal health became the path to take.

The Birth of the Milso Guide
“Milso” means “Military Significant Other”. My love for helping people increased tremendously from being a part of the military community. Over the years I’d held down the homefront which included 4 deployments. I’m friends with people in all branches of service and I come from a family in which several members have served. It was during the times of deployments when I witnessed some of the worst relationships and some of the most beautiful ones. I documented our deployments and re-deployments and our experiences before, during and after, as a couple, as well as observed how others fared in their relationships and health. Deployments had taken their toll on most couples and unfortunately many relationships didn’t survive or they stayed together but were miserable. The main key to most of the demise of the relationship was lack of good, effective and honest communication. The second demise seemed to be the couple were not living their true purpose and being with the wrong person which in turn caused them to physically and emotionally unhealthy (poor eating, lack of exercise, obesity, emotional stress….etc.).

Therefore the Milso Guide was born to help those facing deployments by showing them how to preserve their relationships and health.

The Milso Guide Now
The Milso Guide is about dealing with all things relationship-related while helping you figure out your own life’s journey. Sometimes you need a guide to help you make it to make sense. As the The Milso Guide has evolved it has become a syllabus to help all women and the men who love them learn to have good relationships by taking care of themselves first then by being with the one who compliments their heart and passion the most. 

What to EXPECT
This Guide helps you reach your destination with your emotions, heart, mind and body intact, first. A good relationship follows suit. For the one who loves you, this Guide helps him or her understand you better in order to help you tap inside of your true being to support your endeavors.  In addition, it’ll strengthen or repair your relationship in some of the hardest areas to deal with. You can find us on our website www.TheMilsoGuide.com, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter using @TheMilsoGuide and #TheMilsoGuide.

Thank you for being a part this journey with my team and me. 



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